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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bubble Wrap

  • Find a storage location nearest you. You would hate to be craving chocolate chip cookies at 9:00 at night only to realize you have to drive across town to get your cookie sheets out of storage. 

  • Bribe your buddies to help you move. In our experience, Dr. Pepper & chocolate chip cookies work well. 

  • Leave room in between your boxes for a walkway...or a solo dance party. Either is fine with us, we won't judge.

  • Stack similar size boxes with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on the remember playing with blocks as a kid? Same thing. 

  • To avoid seven years of bad luck, lay mirrors on their sides. 

  • Make sure you tape up the bottom side of the box to avoid breaking your sister-in-law's unity frame from her wedding...take it from me, still trying to live that one down. Sorry Emily.

  • Speaking of breaking things, mark boxes FRAGILE (it is not Italian) if it contains breakable items. 

  • Make a game of putting your items in storage. It's a life size game of Tetris!

  • Dolly good, hernia bad. 

  • Resist the urge to pop the bubble wrap before packing fragile items. 

  • Wear plenty of deodorant on the day of the move. 

  • Make friends with people who lift weights at the gym before you move. 

Tap Shoes
Fragile Box
Closing a Box
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